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Pictures of this restaurant (1)Cantine Bernadini, Lucca -
Apparently closed for August - Admin

Pictures of this restaurant (2)La Mora, Ponte a Moriano -
Regrettably this once great establishment has closed down following the sad death last year of its owner, Sauro Brunicardi. Very sad all round. I will leave the entry in place for a while in case it re-opens and in memory of some wonderful meals there. For those that have enjoyed the food, there are some great pictures here, including one of the staff. - Admin

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Cantine Bernadini, Lucca -
This relatively new establishment inside the walls of Lucca is a big find - in two ways - it is tucked away off all the main streets and it is a treasure. Opened in May 2008 by one of the Bernadini family, Massimo, the vaults below the Palazzo used to be a night club. Now they are a beautifully restored temple to fine food, wine and olive oil from the region. - Admin

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Il Flamingo, Gallicano -
Not a review as such, more a notice. The current owners of this restaurant have announced that they are moving on 1 October to take over the `Tre Castelli`, just down the road towards Lucca. We wish them well in their new premises. - Admin

Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Sala Mascagni, Pisa -
This is the airport `a-la-carte` restaurant, not the self-service. A tranquil small dining room, tucked away on the first floor away from the noise and queues, you can eat well here while waiting for your flight. €53 for two including a basic wine and coffee. Generous plate of pasta (perhaps a little over-cooked) and two juicy steaks, chips and vegetables. - Admin

Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Magna Pizza, Barga -
Opened on 20 May 2007. Not yet sampled, but perhaps one for the next trip to Barga. Grateful to have more information - proprietors, web site, email, telephone, etc. - Admin

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