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Pictures of this restaurant (2)Verdeluna, Barga -
The dining room at Verdeluna is intimate, particularly midweek in December. We were the only diners and our host had opened the restaurant just for us. Rather than making us feel intimidated by this, we felt extremely welcome. The food was excellent, with a strong emphasis on seafood, which was bursting with sea flavours. My cozze (mussel) starter was tasty, but a little overcooked. My wife's sardine fishballs were excellent. We followed with the most sublime seafood pasta I have ever tasted: slightly spicy and coked to perfection. Mains were fish again, baked bream for me, swordfish steak for my wife. Once again, the fish was perfect. Mains were served with quite salty and only just warm french fries. The wine included in dinner was fine and our creme brulee was served with a dessert wine which complimented the dish perfectly. This is a quite unusual dining experience and great for a special occasion. Given the quality of food and the level of personal service we reckoned Verdeluna offered good value for money if you are looking for a 'full' four course meal as there is (understandably) no option to pick and choose a la carte. - Tim R.

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