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Pictures of this restaurant (2)L`Altana, Barga -
Many of my friends class this as one of their favourite restaurants. I don`t understand as I have tried it five times and each time I have found it worse than the last Inedible steak once. Dried out melanzane complete with burned toothpicks another time. I shall not return - TinTuscany

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Albergo The Marquee, Castelnuovo -
Hate to give it away but this is by far the best restaurant in the Garfagnana. Friends drive up from Bagni Di Lucca to watch Alfredo do his magic at the table with his steak tartare and crepe suzettes. The escargo put the French to shame. The chateau briande for two was done perfectly. This is an Albergo with a luxurious new swimming pool added recently but the standout is the dining room, reasonably priced, I don`t know how Alfredo and wife Maria the chef do it. - TinTuscany

Pictures of this restaurant (2)La Cantina, Ghivizzano -
While working on a house next door to this restaurant we tried at lunch for a simple plate of pasta, three adults and one child, no wine and the pasta was practically inedible. We were charged a total of 36 euro. Disgraceful!!. - TinTuscany

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Il Pozzo, Pieve Fosciana -
Food was O.K. but the owners concentrated on the locals and the late night young bar hoppers. Waited at the bar fifteen minutes to pay the bill, finally had to go and drag the owner away from his table of friends. - TinTuscany

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Butterfly, Marlia -
Went to a wedding banquet here. After being assured that there was no crab in the seafood risotto I finshed up on the floor having an allergy attack. The other guests said I didn`t miss anything with the rest of the meal. which was served in two tents which were infested with mosquitos. All in all not a happy experience and shall never return. - TinTuscany

Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Il Tiro, Gallicano -
I have been eating here for some years and always found the place reasonable but I visited last week and found the place run down as if it was preparing to close down, I do hope they can get it up to it`s old standard again as I noticed that the regulars were just not there. - TinTuscany

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