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Pictures of this restaurant (2)Il Ghibellini, Florence -
On the recommendation of our extremely helpful hotel reception, we gave this a try. It was well worth the short walk, even though our feet had covered a lot of ground in the day! The welcome was warm and the service attentive but not intrusive. We sat outside under the two giant umbrellas. No view of a church or ancient architecture, but pleasant enough. Pizza was well made and wholesome and so was the Insalata Beatrice. House wine (white) very drinkable and reasonable at 4.5 euros a half litre. In Florence this is exceptional value. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Verdeluna, Barga -
Sweet little resturant and a hidden gem in Barga Vecchia. The food is excellent and freshly cooked to order, so allow time, and great value for money. 7.50 Euro for lunch which is 1 course + wine + water. I highly recommend the Lasagne Classico, which is the best I have ever tasted !! 19.50 Euro for a 3 course dinner + wine + water , with numerous delicous fish dishes. Perfect place to spend a romantic evening or have a good chat with friends. Book in advance. - Sharon

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Zi Meo, Castelvecchio Pascoli -
After years of thinking this establishment had closed, we saw a light when passing yesterday and thought we would change our plans and give it a go. Not the best decision. The carpark being empty should have told us something... We were the only people there. The setting is delightful if a little `tired`. The welcome was warm - possibly because customers are so rare! We had a pizza and piece of veal (ie one course). Not the best but by no means poor. But it was very expensive for what it was. Euros 7.5 for the pizza, 9 for two very small pieces of veal, 3 for a basic salad, etc. With half a litre of house white (in itself not bad at all), and two coffees - Euros 32.50. That is about 50% over market rates... Now we see why the car park is empty. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Ristorante Pizzeria Il Gallo, Gallicano -
First impressions of the new management of what was Il Flamingo (they have moved down the road to what was Tre Castelli) were good. A few small changes to the outside dining area, for the better. A huge plate of tortelli al ragu was good, tortelli probably bought in rather than home made, but good nevertheless. Pizzas at 4.5 euros were OK, not the best. House white 6 euros a litre was quaffable, as they say. Staff did not seem to have much zip and zing, helpful enough, but not really any enthusiasm. Overall, as an outdoor summer pizzeria, worth a look and very reasonable. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Caffe Capretz, Barga -
I have just returned from barga and can honestly say that this is my favourite restaurant there. The bistecca di manzo is second to none and their pizzas are the best in town with excellent service from guiseppe. To top it all off the veiw of the rooftops and the mountains from the terrace is breathtaking especially at sunset a perfect backdrop to an excellent meal. - Mickyboy

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Osteria al Ritrovo del Platano, Ponte di Campia -
Tried the new chef. Facilities and welcome just as before. Antipasto was huge and varied enough. Cheese crepe was inbcredibly cheesy and a bit doughy. Bisteccha di miaile turned out to be a mixed grill. Nothing exceptional. Maiaile con lardo was very nice in contrast, A well presented and sensible sized portion. House white was very pleasant enough but 10 euros is too much. - Tim

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