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Pictures of this restaurant (2)Verdeluna, Barga -
After years of travelling away from Barga for good food, recently, the centre of town has been transformed and Verdeluna is certainly part of that transformation. Everything was wonderfully cooked - polpette di sarde beautifully subtle, warm seafood salad with a Caesar sauce packed with flavours, seafood and vegetariana lasagna were so refined and delicate (the vegetarian the biggest hit), and then scaloppine di pollo and swordfish steak in a divine emulsion of olive oil, lemon and oregano. There was pudding included in the set 24 euros but we resisted. The white wine also included was light and crisp. Be ready for the small dining room, but it is tastefully done and very welcoming. Definitely will be a favourite for the future. Booking ahead is a must. They only open mid-week if you book; so turning up on spec is high risk. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Il Flamingo, Gallicano -
Had the menu turistico today - two courses, vegetable, wine, water and coffee for 10 Euros a head. Brilliant. Hard to know how they manage to make a profit. Fusilli al chingiale was near perfect. Pork fillet delicious; Polpette also delicious. Understandably the place was teeming with people - workers, travellers, locals, etc. Now I understand why they provide so much parking! Service very efficient. Nice airy dining room. Wine (white firmo) was OK, but for what it was very drinkable. Overall great Value. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (2)L`Altana, Barga -
Forced to eat here by the November shut down for holidays of many other local establishments, we were very pleasantly surprised. The service was very welcoming. The dining room very pleasant and the food excellent. The cook, Camilla Gianotti, is also the mural artist. The house wine from cantine mini of Montecarlo was very good. - Tim

Pictures of this restaurant (2)L`Altana, Barga -
Many of my friends class this as one of their favourite restaurants. I don`t understand as I have tried it five times and each time I have found it worse than the last Inedible steak once. Dried out melanzane complete with burned toothpicks another time. I shall not return - TinTuscany

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Ristorante Al Cantuccio [CLOSED], Turritecava -
Twice now we have stopped here for the €10 menu lunch and neither time have we been disappointed. This is a local truckers' favourite and the deal is aimed at that market, so simple and good food; and amazingly good value (two courses, a side dish, wine, water and a coffee all for €10, no IVA etc. Fantastic). The food is wholesome too. Well cooked and traditional for the area. The wine (still white) was perfectly drinkable. - Admin

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Trattoria da Riccardo, Barga -
In the summer, eating out on the balcony is very pleasant. Hardly a view, but in the open. But that was then; and now it is Autumn. Inside the atmosphere is a bit dreary somehow. I cannot quite put my finger on it. But cloth napkins was a plus, something I appreciate. The fritto misto was lovely, as were the tortelli with ragu. House wine (bianco firmo) is very nice (€4 a half litre). But three dishes between two, plus wine, water and coffee was €33, which felt a bit steep. - Tim

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