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Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Cappuccetto Rosso, Borgo a Mozzano -
Opened on 5 July 2014, having been near Modena for the previous 7 years. Well regarded on trip advisor in the previous location. Yet to try it myself since the change of ownership. Used to be Al Cantuccio - TimA

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Ristorante Al Cantuccio [CLOSED], Turritecava -
This establishment has now closed and been taken over by Ristorante Cappuccetto Rosso - TimA

Pictures of this restaurant (2)Pasticceria Bini, Diecimo -
Very modern looking, but nevertheless excellent, coffee bar and pasticceria. Famous for its biscotti. - TimA

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Il Rifugio, Campocatino -
We tried this place many years ago and it was warm and welcoming; and the food excellent as far as I recall. We are going to explore again shortly to see if it is still as good... - TimA

Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0)Ristorante da Beppe, Coreglia Antelminelli -
It has been years since we visited this out of the way establishment. Elsewhere the reviews are mixed. I remember a warm welcome and some great mushrooms - TimA

Pictures of this restaurant (1)Alpino, Barga -
Hard to believe that we pass this place on a daily basis but have never before ventured in. Some good reviews on trip advisor however tempted us in last week. It is a strange place to be sure: something of a time shift. If you want to see how Northern Tuscany was 30-40 years ago, this is THE place to go. Nothing has changed from other establishments I remember of that period. That said, the food etc of that time was great and so it is in Alpino. Service ever so friendly. - TimA

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