Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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If you don't have a web site or are thinking that your existing site needs a make-over, we would be happy to host your pages and link to them from this site.

For the basic service, including your own sub-domain, up to 10 pages or text and pictures, submission to search engines, world class linux servers, there is a setup fee of €100 and then a maintenance fee of €20 a year. See the example [here - link to be added].

If you have a domain name or would like us to obtain one for you, we can manage this too. This costs an additional €20 a year.

We can also arrange more sophisticated sites, including on-line booking notifications. Please discuss your needs with us.

Picture of (Il Vecchio Mulino, 39)
Picture of (Hotel Il Casone, 88)
Picture of (Da Carlino, 39)
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