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loc. Catagnana Map

Approx. 10 Kms from Castelnuovo
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Telephone: 0583 722202
Cuisine: Local dishes and karaoke
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Open: Today: Open for lunch and dinner
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Food Wine Service Atmosphere Value
Customer comments (8)Add your comments
w bloo on Sat, 8 November 2008 Add your comments
This osteria was recommended to us by our holiday hosts and at first sight of an enormous TV screen, I wondered if it would be an experience best forgotten. However, much to the delight of myself, husband and two sons, we were treated to an unforgettable experience. Our meal consisted of very tasty, spit roasted chickens, roasted vegetables and for dessert, freshly picked mountain blueberries. I was so excited and touched when Lorenzo announced with pride that the latter were available. Where in England would one be offered these and for less than £3 a huge portion? No it is not a swanky, sophisticated, over priced restaurant where the elite meet to eat and talk about nothing. This place was alive with real people, having real conversations, enjoying real food - the atmosphere of which one wishes one could bottle for use on cold, winter days. Our hosts were warm and friendly and the bill at the end came to less than £40 for all of us. We would most certainly return.
Food 8 Wine 8 Service 8 Atmosphere 10 Value 10 : Overall
Silver-tongue on Sat, 27 October 2007 Add your comments
Those that have commented previously are either mates of Lorenzo or have wildly different standards to me. I can see that the noisy, bustling atmosphere might appeal to some, but not me, while the food was tepid on cold plates; the antipasto (also previously commented upon favourably) was very basic. Having said that the house white was drinkable and €30 for two is very reasonable. But this will be my first and last visit.
Food 3 Wine 3 Service 3 Atmosphere 0 Value 3 : Overall
Tim on Sat, 27 October 2007 Add your comments
Perhaps I should have paid more heed to the references to karaoke in previous comments. In the event I managed to escape before the `entertainment` started, thank goodness. Ravioli with ragu was tasty and plentiful, but tepid. Pizza was good. House white was very drinkable. Tap water in a carafe was charged for! €30 for two reasonable.
Food 6 Wine 6 Service 4 Atmosphere 3 Value 6 : Overall
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