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Loc. Colle Aginaia, 8, LU 55027  Map

Approx. 11 Kms from Castelnuovo
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Telephone: 0583 730326
Cuisine: Traditional Garfagnana
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Open: Today: Open for lunch and dinner
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Food Wine Service Atmosphere Value
Customer comments (5)Add your comments
Tim on Mon, 25 January 2010 Add your comments
Had the menu turistico today - two courses, vegetable, wine, water and coffee for 10 Euros a head. Brilliant. Hard to know how they manage to make a profit. Fusilli al chingiale was near perfect. Pork fillet delicious; Polpette also delicious. Understandably the place was teeming with people - workers, travellers, locals, etc. Now I understand why they provide so much parking! Service very efficient. Nice airy dining room. Wine (white firmo) was OK, but for what it was very drinkable. Overall great Value.
Food 9 Wine 8 Service 8 Atmosphere 8 Value 10 : Overall
Tim on Fri, 15 August 2008 Add your comments
We had great pizza, nice and thin, well cooked and generously filled and T-bones the way you only get in Italy. Washed down with a very respectable house white. Shame about the venue, but, as you will see, the owners are moving to better premises.
Food 9 Wine 8 Service 8 Atmosphere 3 Value 8 : Overall
Admin on Fri, 15 August 2008 Add your comments
Not a review as such, more a notice. The current owners of this restaurant have announced that they are moving on 1 October to take over the `Tre Castelli`, just down the road towards Lucca. We wish them well in their new premises.
Food 0 Wine 0 Service 0 Atmosphere 0 Value 0 : Overall
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