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The basic listing is free.  We offer two levels of enhanced promotion:

The first is a simple subscription, at €10 a year. 

  • With this level, pictures of your restaurant are included in those that appear on the right hand side of most pages in the site (including this one!).  Each picture, selected randomly from those you or others have submitted, links to the page on our site devoted to your restaurant and reviews of it. See the example here
  • Also with this level of subscription, we will give you priority when it comes to site maintenance and corrections.  
  • For the time being this service is being provided free for the trial period. We will notifiy you before we activate the basic subscription service so you have the opportunity to maintain the current level of promotion.

In the second level, you can elect to bid for space on our entry page.

  • You only pay if a user clicks on the link to your restaurant on our site.
  • It works like this:  You tell us how much you are prepared to pay for each click to your page and set a limit on how much you are prepared to pay each month for all such clicks.  Your listing is then included in those selected for the front page. 
  • Your listing will appear on the front page, based on your bid and its proximity to the user's base location.
  • You can set whatever limits you like.  Obviously, the lower the limits, the less your link will be displayed.

For the moment, we are building the site and have not yet enabled the subscription services. If you would like me to get in touch with you when it this facility is available, please contact me using the link below.


Tim Soane

Picture of (La Gatta, 62)
Picture of (Osteria I Macelli, 42)
Picture of (Castero - La Banca della Bistecca, 97)
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