Garfagnana food : Your guide to eating out in the region
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The idea for this web-site arose from a number of factors. First and foremost is the magnificant tradition around food and wine in the Garfagnana area of Tuscany. Most villages have a 'festa' linked to a local delicacy, local produce or some other connection with food. Few are as famous as Vitello Milanese or Parmigiano Reggiano. Nevertheless, people here take food seriously and I thought that deserved attention more widely.

Second, is my forgetfulness about what restaurants locally were open on which days and which served pizza (a family favourite). I kept meaning to prepare a list to keep in my wallet and once I did and promptly lost it!

Third, over a long spell in the area is my desire to find a new place to eat, a new menu, a new experience. But being a cautious person, I would prefer to have someone make a recommendation.

Having found no other site like it, I decided to build it myself. This started out as an opportunity to try out one or two new bits of coding, but progressively developed into the site you see here. I would appreciate your suggestions for improvements or modifications. Or please feel free to send your comments on the site to our blog.

Most of all, if you like the site, please add your comments on places where you have eaten (good and bad) and tell your friends about us.

Tim Soane

Picture of (Caffe Capretz, 34)
Picture of (Da Aristo, 34)
Picture of (La Ceragetta, 91)
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