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Food is a vital part of life in the Garfagnana, a special part of Tuscany. Are you trying to find a good place to eat, a favourite resaurant, a trattoria, where to get the best pizza, which day a resaurant will be closed? Or do you want to tell others where to eat, what to avoid, your favourite osteria?

See what others think of the restaurant you have been meaning to try. Browsing nearby resaurants might suggest places to go that you had not noticed. It is surprising how many restaurants are tucked away out of sight. Please help others to eat well by leaving your comments. You may browse without registering, but please register (which is free) to receive local food news, add your own reviews and suggest new places to eat.

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Il Vecchio Mulino
A small Osteria and food shop. Part of the Italian Slow food scheme. Recommended by Garfagnana Adven
Pizzeria Ginestri Sandra
Please help with information on this place, which popped up on my Google alerts. Treat all informat
Tre Castelli
Italian Tuscan
Pizzeria Da Sandra
Traditional Tuscan, Wood fired oven
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Pictures of this restaurant (3) TimA on Tre Castelli
Welcome back to the original Tre Castelli management. Workman's lunch at €10 (actuall ...
Placeholder only, because there are no pictures of this restaurant (0) TimA on Cappuccetto Rosso
Opened on 5 July 2014, having been near Modena for the previous 7 years. Well regarded on trip ...
Pictures of this restaurant (3) TimA on Ristorante Al Cantu
This establishment has now closed and been taken over by Ristorante Cappuccetto Rosso ...
Pictures of this restaurant (4) TimA on Pasticceria Bini
Very modern looking, but nevertheless excellent, coffee bar and pasticceria. Famous for its bis ...

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